Friday, March 5, 2010

Yesterday we realized that Werner's daughter will have a birthday on March 9th and it was past time to get a gift to her in the mail. But it was good we let this go since I was able to do this fish lure (with 15s). A week ago it did not exist! Here is one of the "Rattling" Rapalas so it has no ugly place where the plastic lip was removed and is small enough for a more petite person. When I made the necklace part and suspended the fish it pointed too sharply upward so since I had used quartz chips I used one quartz nugget (thanks Fire Mountain for sending this back order from October!) to pull the head lower. I like the look and may do this again.
It was again funny to watch a 'customer' relate to my "too low prices." Werner was telling me that he thought I should charge at least $200 for such work and yet he was so glad to only have to pay $** for this. Ha! I just realized that Cordelia might be reading this. Happy Birthday Cordelia! I hope your day is as special as you are!