Monday, September 30, 2013

I cannot believe that I posted no photos of this before I finished it. I think it a result of my disgust with the way the text tool here works. Enough bitching.
I love the color of these Precoisa beads! Have you noticed that I am now spelling Precoisa, if not right, at least differently. So the squirrel is done and I have started on the worm. I was getting so tired of beading in brown, gold, black and white so it is a really joy to work in primary colors. Also this is the first worm I have done since I started stuffing the animals. The worm is so much easier to work on when the sides don't wiggle. Hm, I just tried to go back to make a new paragraph and again it does not work. Will try to get a photo of the worm between rain showers. It feels very autumn-like here.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just for the record I did finish the cow. You can see by the raised back leg that it is ready to tip over face first into the mud of the barnyard.

Then I did go back to finish the sheep. I thought that by extending the front legs the creature would stop falling on its nose. I used the ears off a McDonald's bear but it did not help. So I opened the back crotch seam, stuck in 58 cents and sewed it up. Even though it looks as if the sheep will sit down on its butt, if you touch it the beast will again fall on his nose.
I did search for a new blog machine and got so confused by the many sites that wanted to stick their hands in my credit card that I have returned here, with cussing,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deja vu? Now the cow falls on his face. I am hoping that more beads on his butt and a very tail will balance him out - I know it is not female - utterly no utter. Should be able to finish him today and then this is the last of the BABE series I will do.
Please insert "big" in that first line between very and tail. Will close to go seek a new blogger program.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I tried to put this image on the previous page and the picture was there but the weirdness in the text tool would not let me comment on it.
Another design goof in the "BABE" series. It wasn't until I set it on the photo shoot set up that I discovered this. So I ripped out the beading on the front legs planning to do them again. Then I lost patience with everything and picked up the cow from the "BABE" series. I thought I could use the new Precoisa white beads. I had broken several needles in the past few days and now none of the longer needles were thin enough to go through the bead! There are days like this! So I stopped beading and gathered all my needles, sorted through them until I found a very thin (15#?) three-inch needle that sped me on my way. Having no idea of where I got this one fine needle I hauled out the latest Fire Mountain catalog to order more.
The chicken got his beady eyes! What you cannot see in this photo is the red glint. I always felt chickens had a bit of the devil in them and that made the red spark.

While adding eyes, I keep all the eye-possibilities in one box, I found something for the mouse. My most recent opinion of the animals in the "BABE" series is that they are not as well designed as the  Teenie Beanie Babies even though I do like their solidity. That makes the rows of beads remain straighter.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The rooster is already looking for his breakfast. His feet look more like duck feet than those of a chicken because he cannot balance on his legs. Still one knows he is not a duck and chickens will squat down like this; especially the hens, which he is not.
I am now working on a lovely mouse from the BABE set of McDonald's gift toy es. These five are from the movie, "Babe" and each of them is well done. They are plump and solid. Not floppy like the beanie babies. They are about the same size and seem to take about the same length of time to bead..
Again the text tool in Blogspot will not allow to go back to make toyes into toys.  I am about ready to change my blogger.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

So the Springy Rabbit pair are done. I forgot to put beady eyes in Mr. White Belly but I see from the photo that it actually looks better this way. Somehow I get great joy from seeing the pair together. I was missing the usual pink roses I use on these and had to invent a new system using my regular ribbon roses. And they look a lot better! No ugly wire stems!
I have returned to the chicken to sew on the last of the white beads. I am finding these Precoisa do really fit together as closely as I wish.
Got a note from Vicki that while she was gallery sitting at CHAC - Coast Highway Art Collective, in Point Arena on Monday that she sold three animals! Many thanks Vicki! That inspires me to get back to my beading tray.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I wanted to show the new white Precosia beads. They are so much more uniform than the Dynamite white opaque. Here it looks like I have a diaper on the rooster, but I was just trying them out. It was worth cutting off a couple days beading to get this better look.
Again I was able to do the rabbit with the lovely herringbone back. I have some wrinkles on the right foot. I plan to take out a couple rows with the hope that I can do that side as nice as the other side is.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Posting #700

So you can see the difference between the white-belly rabbit and the other species - purple belly. I changed colors because I have enough white pearl beads (I think) but that ecru color has only a few of about 4 different shades. I see I need to add the whiskers to the purple one. I cannot find the tiny roses I put in his hand in the first rabbit. I am hoping they will reveal themselves by the time I have both of these done.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Finally a good photo of the monkey that shows his fake amber brain and his eyes as they look in real life. Oops I see I forgot to finish the tip of one hand. That's what happens when I run out of thread. Good I saw this.
I am so pleased with the way the back of the bunny is turning out! Because the head is turned to one side, the center of the fishbone pattern ends up behind his ear as the seam does here in the photo. Still I want to do a second one with a white tummy. There is way too much purple here on the hare.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In the meantime I started on Springy the Lavender Rabbit. Only when I got this far with the tummy did I remember that the last time I did the tunny with white pearls and it looked good. I did stuff out the tummy so the rows are smooth and even but I wished I had done them in white. Thank goodness I have a second rabbit and am thinking that I will do it after I finish this one to make a white body front.
The monkey is done but the photo does not show his head jewel very well and I see I need more contrast for his eyes. Back to the beading tray with this one.