Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Done but not hung. Finished this late last night and was too tired to figure out a necklace for it. Somehow I feel it needs more than the rubber cord solution. These are mother of pearl shell chips. I got them attached by winding the twig with thread and then sewing to that. I also could have sewed a bit of felt to the twig but this worked well. Am amazed how much the twig become little people when the beads are added. The beads seem to operate as clothes or costumes. Interesting side benefit I had not planned.

This one definitely has a face and I worked with that in designing the 'dress'. This is again the rosemary bush twig. It was too comfy in my chair in the living room to go to the studio to get one of Sanda's twigs, but I will have to as there is not much good left in the box I brought in on Sunday. The green beads were in a tiny tube given to me by Barbara Tocher. There was just the right amount of them for this project. It feels so good to be able to use up the leftovers and half-tubes.
I got the jewelry display trays from Fire Mountain and put my beads in them. They are so much more stable and easy to lift. I feel I am finding beads for a project that previously I would have overlooked. I ordered an 'entertainment center, which is simply a couple of shelves on wheels, which (when it finally comes) I will put by my chair to hold the trays of seed beads.
Today is the first day of set-up for the Flower Power show in Point Arena. At least it is not raining and will be easier to carry my stuff in. Need to go load the car now.