Friday, January 30, 2015

To be fair and correct I need to show you the newest Hello Kitty. She is smaller than the previous version. This one also has the identifying ribbon by the ear. I am out of white yarn that I want to make a new dolly, too.
Underneath the chair I show the bakery haul. I have been crocheting foodstuffs (am I that hungry on my diet?) along with the butterflies.  Today I want to make new boots for Kitty, the girl. I need that pale yellow yarn now on her feet for Oreo cookies and I think red would be a better color to carry out the bright colors of her clothes and hair.
On this version of Hello Kitty I doubled the threads on the whiskers and feel that looks so much better. Seeing this photo I see how necessary the red boots are. Her feet here look to be part of the bakery stuff!
If this computer program would allow it, I would whack off the top and bottom of the photo to fit the interest area better. No such luck! Time to return to crocheting. I am getting angry with the computer!

I have this ready piece for the next show, "Small Works", at Gualala Arts Center next week. Werner liked the entry and has given me so much advice that he offered to deliver it on Tuesday. I am pleased that I got the idea of putting this creature, named "Portrait of my Neighbor," in a dolly dome display.  I am thinking that maybe I should be putting my beaded animals in one. They do make a size that would fit them for about $12. on Amazon.
I had the feeling that it was harder to see the piece in the dome so I snapped a close-up. I see that with domes I will have to set up a new photo background as the window, and my view from it, get into the picture. This photo might give the impression that I have gone back to beading, but that is not true. This work is about 2 years old.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I made the kitty Hello  to go with Kathleen, the girl from London. Under the chair are some of the baked goods the pair have purchased - a cupcake and two Oreo cookies!

So you can see them better. I need a more brown color of yarn for the vanilla cookies which I have ordered today from Amazon. That yellow is just too sunny!

Here is a better picture of Hello, the kitty. It seems the Sanrio company in Japan is having trouble telling Kitty (Kathleen) from her cat Hello and mixes the two up all the time - for 40 years! I find it typical for Japanese to be unable to organize information such as this. It is amazing how many people world-wide are ready to accept their confusion! The important thing is that the pair are cute!

Yesterday I had so much trouble with my vision that I have decided to show my crocheted works in this blog instead of waiting for myself to get back to beads.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The only beads on this dolly are in her eyes! Yes I have taken a vacation from beading by crocheting and this week I made this dolly. I have been using the tutorials in YouTube and have found them very helpful and inspiring. I have found I can crochet with only 1/2 looking (mostly by feel) which is a lovely switch from pressing my nose against a needle and beads.
My foot is finally completely healed. My new fear of bead needles could be part of my resistance to beading. Also the dark weather helps make me grab for yarn instead of beads. The big question now is whether I make a new dolly. I am surprised that of all the things I crocheted in the last month it is the dolly I wanted to show you.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Prince Charming did get into the Shameless show at Gualala Arts Center where he caused many laughs. I even got emails from people who enjoyed him and were
glad to make his acquaintance. This is the first time an entry into  a GAC show got emails! So I am counting him as a success.

Along with Prince Charming was this "girl" saying "Oh Yes!" also. Yes, that is a condom in here mouth/purse. People did not get this joke so easily, nor did she sell. With the show  overLing-Yen has already brought both back home where they sits on our old cold wood-burning stove. 

The past two months have not been good ones for me. In the first week in November I stepped on a needle and it broke off in my foot. There was a circus getting it out ending with a trip to Fort Bragg hospital where Dr. James, a surgeon finally found it and got the 1/2 inch  piece out. Not to mention are the attempts by two other doctors that left a huge cut up area in my left foot. Today it is finally showing signs of healing shut and there are moments when I can step on the whole foot again.

Like Jennifer Cruise I have put away my normal creative outlets and turned to crocheting. Instead of beading and posting here, I have crocheted masses of potholders, baby blankets, Christmas decorations, flowers and too much other stuff. I am trying to get back to beading but my old eyes are preferring to tangle threads. I will see what 2015 brings me!