Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sue sent me this yesterday to show me how others are doing their designs on the fish. I see now that these are more like socks or stocking caps and I have been trying to suggest (only suggest!) the coloration of a real fish. I do love how beads can seem like individual scales. For me, the embellishment works as 'heightened awareness' of the fish and not a pouch for carrying it around. Also Sue showed me that these are made from a brand of lures called "Blue Fox" and have a very different shape from Rapala that I am using. Mine have bellies! Someone once told me that all art is self-portrait!
Back on the subject: I did look up the Blue Fox lures and they do offer a kind with a metal loop at the mouth - good for hanging the fish as the person who made these here above did. I also liked the idea of hanging charm from the gill loop - it looks like a spoon or blinker on real fishing lures.
I see my attempts at realism explains why I use bugles for the tails - they look more like the line veins in real fish.

I laid out the bead for a red/pink necklace and discovered I had no focal point. None of the big beads I had mentally planned to use worked out in the reality. So the tray is full of plans in red and pink - loaded and ready to go and nowhere with a map.

Then since I was corresponding with Sue about the fish lures it was easy to get the idea of using one done in these colors. I did the lower one with 11s but I feel they look too big so started a second on with Delicas. It feels better but now I am thinking of using two fish as focal point and am wondeering if having two sizes of beads will stop me or if I will have to make two fish using Delicas. When I get this necklace done, I want to try making the 'stocking pouch' design on the embellishment of another lure as in the photo.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yesterday when I got off the computer I put away all the leftover blue beads and then began to try to figure out what new project to take up. I noticed that I probably had enough green beads to do a big green necklace, but decided that I had done enough of that and should start something new - maybe something small.
In going through my beads I found the above little turquoise necklace. I thought it was a great idea for a simple choker and decided to try to make it. I love the way one end is a loop and the other end is just one thread for the button, but together there are three strands.
There is some secret in the necklace because when I twist the three stands together they only stay twisted as long as I hold both ends. Let go and thing flips apart into straight strands. I tried and tried and finally gave up and just braided it. Then I tried making a brick-stitch bracelet that would not bend right.
About 4 o'clock I realized why I was so frustrated and nothing was working. I was working on the wrong thing! The green necklace wanted to be made. So I gathered up the beads and then realized I had no focal point - I had used up all the bone ones. I sat there being seriously grumpty when my eye moved to the desk where I had one of the embellished fish that was unfinished. The color was right but for some reason I had been unable to add the belly gills. Excellent! I could work it into the big necklace better if that option was open.
By 10:30 it was a marvelous new necklace. It only took six hours to make this one (Werner made soup for supper) when the one I did last Thursday took over 12 hours.
So today, when I put away the green left-overs I listened to the whisper of an idea to do a pink one and I remembered that I had a bunch of large pink stones. I found them and they are marvelous! Am so eager to get to this.
However Jim is coming to install more 'new' track lighting in the studio today. I don't know if I can do a necklace with someone else around. Somehow I have the feeling that if I stop at any point in making the necklace I will lose my direction and the spirit that helps me pick which bead goes next to the other.
I am eager to get the new lighting. I hope he does not trip over the ants. We have gotten them stopped in the house but now the studio is my new battleground. Earth worms crawl in from the rain and the ants think of them as deli sausage and invite in all the neighbors.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Here is the whole necklace with the focal point I showed you last week. On Saturday I got up the courage to cut it apart and reworked the connection between the focal point and the rest of the necklace. It is always like murdering something to cut a work apart and when the scissors click and the beads began to roll I am sure I can see blood. But it was worth it all as I feel this looks so much better.
Today I am wondering if I have enough beads to do another one. Or do I go work on the fish? Sue wants some samples for her demonstration and I would love to try out a couple of new ideas before then.

I see now, comparing this necklace (done last September) and the new one, that I have gotten richer and have more fullness. Still I love the warmth of the colors in this one. It is amazing how I thought this necklace was so big and now the two newest ones are much more. Everything is relative.

Have not been very blogger-faithful because I made two of these! They really take a lot out of me! Did this one in a 12-hour marathon on Thursday and then was totally wasted on Friday. I started a second one Saturday night and after coming home from the Memorial for Paul and Rosemund on Sunday, was able to finish one in blue. It is raining today and I need sunlight to photograph it or you would be expected to gush over two of them.
This one I was able to shoot in Saturday's sunshine. As I look at the photo I am wondering if I need to add more to it. . . hmmm. . .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is amazing how a series in a beaded project will end itself. I had felt I was done with doing these bracelets, but when I put the beads away I found I had another package of the silver bugles. Having no other project in mind, I began this bracelet. It did not thrill me as the lovely color of the seed beads comes out an even duller silver than the silver beads. Still, as you see I finished it.
Then I started a second one, was not happy with the new color I had picked to go with the silver (again) and when I actually broke a bugle (first time - I thought they were stronger) pulling knot up into it, I cut the whole bracelet apart and returned all the beads to their containers.
As I was putting these away I found the bag containing the fishing lures which I had put away while working on these bracelets. So I am now assuming that I should return to them. I did get the idea of gluing the felt to the back end of the lure, instead of wrapping it so the shape of the fish in the lure is not changed. I tried it out and it works! That is enough to make me interested in going back to doing the lures.
However, I did figure out what that 'big project' that was lurking in my mind was. Jeanne wants me to make a smaller version of the bead pillar for her bathroom. We meet this afternoon to decide the colors.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ah! I got these three finished up late last night. Have now used up all my long bugles and can turn to something else. Love the subtle shine on these translucent bugles. Softer than the gold or silver ones which feel harder to me. These are really spring-like. Here you can see that the embellishment tapers at the two ends. Good!
Have decided to try two more of the long big necklaces for Beadstar to avoid having to fix the butterfly I showed you yesterday. Have the focal points all laid out and the selection of beads for the rest. Now to find the time of peace and quiet to pull myself together to do it. A neighbor, not home, has let their dogs run wild and barking all weekend and I feel I cannot tolerate another day of continual barking. Very grumpy! Because I need every bit of creative spirit to make these work.
Did get the publicity for the Easter Gift Show sent off to the ICO. I should have been able to whip that out as easy as pie, but for some reason I have worked and rewritten it more times than there will be readers! Unless I make a goof! Then everyone will read it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Started to work on my entry for the BeadStar contest. I thought I had the work done and only needed to photograph the necklace - one of the few I have that is done only with stringing. However as I read the entry requirements, I found they want to see the whole piece on a white background 'with no props.' I assumed this means I cannot use the white leather busts and when I hung the piece on one, I found out it was too big - too long.
Got the idea of just pounding in two nails on the studio wall and hanging the work from them. Paint the roofing nails white? Hang a cloth over nails and wall? Everything I did looked really tacky. Then I got the idea of putting 'pegs' in the wall instead of nails. The bamboo skewers looked too thin. I upped the anty to chopsticks and they worked! Look really interesting. Now wish I had made sure they were level. . .
Looking at the photo this morning I see the above and am very unhappy with that string of seed beads going over the butterfly. I cannot believe I did that! Off to redo it today and am thinking that maybe I will make another necklace in this style to see if I can do it better. Am kind of excited about that.

Friday, March 19, 2010

See I did get these done last night. They look a bit wanky on the scan because the flowers are so high, but I am rushing off to pack books. Circus Forever copies arrived yesterday and I am eager to get the packages off to the post office.
Got an email from a woman who saw the "From Tarzan to Jane" piece in the Fire Mountain ad on the back of Beadwork to tell me how much she enjoys beading flowers. Last night as I made these, they went well and I was filled with such a good feeling.
Started a new backing for another of these in the irradescent translucent beads. My first combination of using a white opaque 11 did not work so I switched to the silver lined 15s and it looked a lot better.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I cannot believe how dependant I am on praise. The interest in the flower band bracelets at the show on the weekend enticed me to making up three of them yesterday. I used up all the gold bugles and I started in on the silver ones. I tried to use the same seed bead in silver as I had used with the gold, but they were slightly bigger so there is a bit of space between the bugles. It does not show here, but those big silver 11s look gold! On the next one I used some silver lined 15s and it looked a lot better and therefore I made it longer. When the silver bugles are gone I have a package of AB clear ones that could also be interesting.

I am still making the flowers so I have none of the bracelets that are finished but I am sailing on the happiness of doing something I love.

Yesterday I did get the studio swept out and all the stuff put away again. I ached so much after that bit of exercise that I was glad to be warm and comfortable in my beading recliner.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

and that is why you get to see this piece again. It is the greenest work in the file! Hope you have a great day being green! earth day is not that far away!

Did this last night with my normal embellishing mode. What you cannot see is how the embellishment is flatter on the ends and gets higher in the center. This is one classy bracelet!

This is the bracelet I did a couple of weeks ago. It got more raves than any other piece at the "Flower Power" show. Several people tried to buy it but it was too large for their wrists. Finally Linda bought it for Kirby and it fits her! So yesterday, as I was working on the above piece, Ling-Yen stopped by. She was thrilled that I was making another of these but she did not appreciate the ribbon flowers and wants the bead flowers. So I made the backing bracelet last night and will do the flowers today. This time I will use fewer flowers and only put them on the top side. Am thinking how to make the vines curl down the back or or underside of the bracelet. I am now out of the gold bugles but do have silver ones so may make more in silver with something on them.
Am still waiting on inspiration. Again yesterday, in spite of lovely weather!, I did not clean up the studio. Maybe today and I do want to bring in the big branch with the hope it will ask for something interesting. . .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I finished this and I loved working with the stones - only that feeling could keep me on the job long enough to make the bracelet and earrings - but I am unsatisfied somehow. I want to start a big new work - not jewelry - but I have nothing in my mind yet.

I have the big branch I could embellish, but so far I have no vision for it. Just the dumb desire. Maybe cleaning out my studio this afternoon will help. At least it will get things put away and back in order. I feel there is something I am forgetting to do and I cannot figure out what it is.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I do not plan to make matched sets, though I know some people really like them, but here are all the stones in this color from Kirby. I used up every one of them. I love these berry-like chips and the greens and coral colors are very interesting. I told myself not to make another lariat necklace in this style so I am hoping that this is my last one. However, if I got more of these stones (unakite?) I would be tempted to repeat myself! Oh yes, those are bronze iris 15s with gold 11s in the center. They add to the refined look with the berry shaped stones.
Yesterday, to recover from clean-up at the gallery in Point Arena I started a long necklace with leopard skin jasper and some Delicas I mis-ordered and have about 1 1/2 ton left over. Am not real thrilled with the sharp edge of the metallic Delicas but the colors are nice. At first I started the necklace with moss agate but the colors would not settle down and go together so I abandoned it and found the jasper, again from Kirby. Hope to have it to show to you tomorrow. The sun is shining and I really should clean up the studio and put away things from the show.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Went back to Point Arena Saturday afternoon and added more items on to my net with Amanda's help. Lots of people in and out of the gallery with flowers everywhere. Lots of excitement and joy seeing old friends and just standing around chatting. This photo is kind of my inventory list that I refused to make up. I took several shots but they all had people standing in front of the display. Good news I figure. Had to ask Marita and Judy to step back for a moment.

Need to go back today to take it down. Will leave the net up for the Easter show in a couple of weeks. Plan to pin a sheet over the area and hope that acts as a space saver for the next show.

Got an email today from Sherry (Hi!) that one of my necklaces was on the back of Beadwork and she wanted the pattern for it. I had no idea which one they were using so Sherry sent a scan of the magazine and I found out it was "To Jane from Tarzan" - it won a Judges' Award in the 2006 Art in the Redwoods show at Gualala. Am happy to share the 'pattern' but need a bit of time to write it up.
Today was my day for rewards. A local theater readers group wants to read my "Banana Skies" in September and that needed a lot of work. I updated all of Basho's haiku to use my translations. Some I had to redo!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Come in! Welcome to the Flower Power arts and crafts show! Point Arena on March 12, 13, 14! Local artists offer their handmade items for your pleasure and purchase! The show was opened with a large crowd and when I left at 6:30, many sales!

Here you can see Brenda Phillips ceramics, to the right is Linda Dawson's awesome jewelry display, mine on the wall, Amanda's hand-painted clothes and just a corner of Anthony Rees's wire work jewelry to the left. So many took the theme of flowers seriously, even the cupcakes on the food table had flowers! !

Friday, March 12, 2010

This is the newest piece, just finished yesterday, but I do ntot feel it is dressy enough. . .

So I have picked this. No flowers but those are shells on a twig that could have, once did have, flowers on it - from the rosemary bush. Am utterly amazed how these twigs look like people! Nervous now about the evening.

The 'entertainment center' arrived from Home Decorators. It was so heavy I could barely drag it over the threshold and I wondered how I would ever get it to my beading chair. So I opened the box at the door and carried the pieces into the living room one at a time and began to assemble it. The instructions warned that it took two adults and I was afraid the two of us, Werner and I, did not qualify as that. I did as much as I could alone, got a big blister in my palm using the screwdriver, and just then Werner came down. Usually assembling furniture brings out the worst in us with the conviction that each of us is smarter and better carpenter than the other when the truth is we are both mechanical idiots.

However we got this solidly built cart together fairly easily, with no temper tantrums or pinched fingers. Putting the casters on was the hardest part. Already I had organized my seed beads into the black display trays so it was a small thing to stack them on the shelves. This does not look like the 34" TV/VCR this was designed for, but it looks better than the plastic jobies for shelving and cost a lot less. I see in the photo is a bead on the chair! That is how it looks. I had thought of making a before photo but the area looked so terrible as it was that I did not want that recorded.

Tonight is the opening of the Flower Power show in Point Arena and it is raining very hard and has been since last night. I guess that is where flowers get their power! Cannot figure out what to wear because I first need to decide which new beaded piece to wear. If I could decide that I would have the clothes thing figured out in a minute. I have to go in at 2 to gallery sit so I do not have all day. It is so dark I am thinking of taking some lamps.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

As you can see I got the net up and was able to hang all the beaded pieces! Got it done in the prescribed 2 hours. The "Scrotum Series" got lots of laughs and several people came up and looked and gave the appropriate "oh this is lovely" comments. Ling-yen - the quality woman -came up, picked out the earring with the Zirconia crystal and Swarovskis as her choice. I gave it to her as thanks for all the work in arranging the show. The studio was very clean, the garden was perfect and even the bathroom had real towels and plenty of soap. She had made name labels for each of us, the sign-up sheet for gallery-sitting had been typed and available. I signed up for Friday afternoon so I could be there and not have to make a second trip to town for the opening.
I came home and gathered up a few more items that could be hung on the net, but now that I see the photo I am thinking that maybe there is enough stuff on it. I do like the pictorial quality of the display.
I did notice the outlets at each end of the net and thought of taking my own lights. It would work to put a gooseneck lamp at each end, where the swags of earrings are, to shine down on the sparkilies.
Also floated the idea that we leave the show up for Easter which is only a couple of weeks away. Even promised to gallery-sit on Easter Sunday and Jan Maria said she would sit with me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Done but not hung. Finished this late last night and was too tired to figure out a necklace for it. Somehow I feel it needs more than the rubber cord solution. These are mother of pearl shell chips. I got them attached by winding the twig with thread and then sewing to that. I also could have sewed a bit of felt to the twig but this worked well. Am amazed how much the twig become little people when the beads are added. The beads seem to operate as clothes or costumes. Interesting side benefit I had not planned.

This one definitely has a face and I worked with that in designing the 'dress'. This is again the rosemary bush twig. It was too comfy in my chair in the living room to go to the studio to get one of Sanda's twigs, but I will have to as there is not much good left in the box I brought in on Sunday. The green beads were in a tiny tube given to me by Barbara Tocher. There was just the right amount of them for this project. It feels so good to be able to use up the leftovers and half-tubes.
I got the jewelry display trays from Fire Mountain and put my beads in them. They are so much more stable and easy to lift. I feel I am finding beads for a project that previously I would have overlooked. I ordered an 'entertainment center, which is simply a couple of shelves on wheels, which (when it finally comes) I will put by my chair to hold the trays of seed beads.
Today is the first day of set-up for the Flower Power show in Point Arena. At least it is not raining and will be easier to carry my stuff in. Need to go load the car now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finished this one that I started Sunday night. Sandra came by with a load of marvelous prunings from her orchard. She even brought a super one that is about 4 foot high. Also she brought kiwi branches which curve around each other like vines. Very interesting. Am eager to start on them, but already nerves about the show in Point Arena are interferring with my digestion - so dumb.
Sandra also brought a cache of chips from Kirby. So many new stones I am tempted to leave the twigs for them. If I do, the order of fish lures will arrive and I
may get sucked into doing them again. They are blingy! But they are lures!
All that work on the Scrotum Series is paying off by giving me this idea for how to hang the twigs. The metal balls came from Oriental Trading but they were in two sizes! Used them anyhow. Fortunately the center bore was the same. Thus, I got the fish lures all strung (aren't you glad you do not have to look at all of them again?).
Sandra admired the fish lures and she again said my prices were too low (so I raised them 25% ) making them $20 instead of $15.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Readers, you have got to be glad to note that these are not fish lures. However you may be in for it if I continue to bead on sticks. One day of beading on them and I am loving the process! Fish lures can and do get boring but every twig is different and so I need a new design/plan each time.
Am suddenly thinking of logs! Or at least arm-thick branches.
Already have Sandra bringing me twigs from her fruit tree prunings today. Did these two yesterday and have one more in process on the tray. It may be turning out too pornographic for this blog. Maybe just a back view? I am enjoying the work on it.
Oh, above, the twig on the left is from the Princess flower bush and on the right is deadwood from the Rosemary bush. I really need those metal balls from Oriental Trading Co.
Werner said I need to use brighter colors. . . Off to bling out a branch!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am waiting on my order from Oriental Trading Co. to get the metal balls that fit so exactly on this rubber cord so that the big beads and focal point stay in the right place. This photo is rather a class photo of my school of fish. Will try to post better photos of them when they graduate next week into individual necklaces.
Finished the last one last night. No more fish and yet the desire to embellish something in that size and shape. Am so desperate I am thinking of going outdoors and cutting some branches to cover them with beads. This is awfully close to what Sally Fields is doing (she puts patches of beaded design on large rocks) but I feel my desires and the lack of postal delivery on weekends is pushing me in this direction. Will have to scurry out before another shower. Hmmm that means all the twigs out there right now are already wet. Will have to go see what I find to bead on. . .

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just got this photo hoisted up on Etsy. The model and photographer is Caitlin Steiner - my grand-daughter. She takes and makes such great photos and is such a beauty that we all think she should be modeling instead of remodeling her house in Clovis. She seems one of these people with endless energy and ideas and everything she does she does it very well.
Frankly she found the pet lizard idea a bit weird but that is how grandkids should view their ancestors!
You can find my shop (with all three items!) at BeadsNJane on
Am still embellishing fish. Have only one left so I ordered more. This time all of them without the ulgy plastic lips! I am waiting on the order from Oriental Trading to put the necklaces together with the proper size of silver balls.
I need to figure out whether to hang the items on the net for the show in Point Arena now or wait and do it in situ on Thursday. I never know how I will be feeling then and if I will have enough energy to do a good display. Just realized a bunch of earrings do not have prices on them. That will give me something to do today!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Yesterday we realized that Werner's daughter will have a birthday on March 9th and it was past time to get a gift to her in the mail. But it was good we let this go since I was able to do this fish lure (with 15s). A week ago it did not exist! Here is one of the "Rattling" Rapalas so it has no ugly place where the plastic lip was removed and is small enough for a more petite person. When I made the necklace part and suspended the fish it pointed too sharply upward so since I had used quartz chips I used one quartz nugget (thanks Fire Mountain for sending this back order from October!) to pull the head lower. I like the look and may do this again.
It was again funny to watch a 'customer' relate to my "too low prices." Werner was telling me that he thought I should charge at least $200 for such work and yet he was so glad to only have to pay $** for this. Ha! I just realized that Cordelia might be reading this. Happy Birthday Cordelia! I hope your day is as special as you are!

Have the envelope sealed and ready to mail to Fire Mountain for the beading contest and just realized that I have never posted here the final picture of the scene for "And the Stockings were Hung" even though I have b!tched and teased about the work. For those of you following my work, the rug IS from last year's entry but the tree is new. I sold the one from last year, along with the toys, to the husband of a friend for her collection of Christmas decorations. Just Sunday, at the Open House at the clay studio at Gualala Arts Center another person told me about seeing the tree and toys and Sandra's and said that she (Amy) had gotten tears in her eyes when she saw it. So we will hope the judges at FM are also so touched with this expanded version of the Christmas scene.
Jan Edwards stopped by yesterday (and gave me some lovely vintage old rose charlottes) and she was amazed that the poodle was so accurate (she has one) but said she never saw one with spots. I figured if the dog was going to be named Spot, he needed a few. I was relieved to see that I had gotten the ears right. I remember wondering if poodles have perked or droopy ears. Jan also snickered at the big blue eyes but again that was artistic licence. . .
There were so many different kinds of beads in this that I filled two sheets of the materials list and this morning lying in bed realized I had forgotten to list the 8" head pin. It is the center of the tree. . . I am sure there are more beads used than I listed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Judy came by because she had this angel she wanted to make as earrings and was having trouble increasing. So we worked together, each trying to make an angel from the sample she had. It was done in iris-cut 15s so it had a long narrow look which there is no way we could get with the beads from Fire Mountain. Yet we both wanted to figure it out and Judy needed help with the increases. I felt it was better to do it with the brickstitch so we did our first ones in 8s. I was very unhappy with the face.
So I remade the whole design on the basis of nine beads across at the bottom of the dress, before the fringe, instead of seven and this gave me the extra beads I felt I needed to do the face. Late in the evening I tried it out with Delicas and got the angel on the left. My crystals are way too big but I was too lazy to go searching for tiny ones. These do go fast since there are not that many beads used.
Judy said her friends had bought hers in Alaska and paid $20 for the pair. I wish I had taken the time to scan in that because it really had a lovely delicate look. My angel is more of a self-portrait! Next time I will make the wings bigger also.
What is hard to see on the photo are the arms. They are sewn on the front side and look very realistic and give the piece dimension.

Two more of my fish. The top one is made from a Rapala 'Rattling' lure and is the only one, aside from a minnow, that does not have the ugly plastic lip. It was on sale at the Fisherman's Warehouse the other day and I bought two because they were cheap - not that I liked that bright orange! and they turned out to be the only two in the order without the plastic lip. I used 15s on the little one (2 inches) and 11s on the larger (4 inch) fish.

I got my book made from my blog and am really thrilled with it. I saw the ad here on Google and checked it out: "blog2print" and thought about it for several days before finally getting one. They offer a 20 page book, 8 x 11, full color inside and covers for about $14 - 15 for a soft-cover. They also offer hard covers, too. I opted to print all my blog which took up 83 pages and paid $37 postpaid. The entries are indexed and the color photos are well placed. You can start your book of your blog and then look through the pages. You have the option of adding your own photos on the front and back and can even write a small introduction. This is the ideal solution for those of us who believe journaling should result in a book!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Got one fish done and started the next one. Am finally finding what I like to use in the fringes. I use the little alabaster beads as 'bubbles' when there is a loop by the mouth, and under the belly I was going for 'fins' and something that would not compete with the tail. Still I think a green strand or two would be good there. I am not happy with the shape where the area before the tail begins. Somehow here I accentuated it by changing from 8s to 11s right at the dip. It did work to close up the rows with smaller beads but the end result was this abrupt change.
I had been unhappy with these lures because they have huge plastic 'lips' on them. I cut them off but the cut was rough and tough. I found I could use the tip on my thread cutter to melt away the plastic and it does not look so outstanding. Otherwise I would have wasted about $30 worth of lures.

I really should be spending my time looking up the beads used in my entries in the Fire Mountain contest but I hate to do this so much that I put it off. . . Would much rather bead! Have about 1/2 of them done but then need to type them all into the computer or write up nicely.

Also I need to put price tags on the pieces for the "Flower Power" show in Point Arena in less than two weeks. I did get the new net done and this one looks great. It has just 1000 yards of fish line in it. Have it pinned to the studio wall but the white on white will not show in a photo. But that is the idea! The beads hung on the net seem to be 'floating' and is just what I wanted. Need to put the price tags on the items before I hang them. Then you get a photo!