Sunday, October 19, 2014

So Werner had his appointment at RCMS on Friday and remembered! (I would have forgotten) to make a trip to the B-room and picked up the last piece for Pinky. It is in her purse, her mouth. I do not know how familiar this brand is with you and how good your brand recognition is but that packet in her purse is a colorful, lubricated! condom.
Still making stars for the Christmas trade but do not know how many there will be as holding the tiny parts of one, gives me cramps in my fingers. I am doing one now in 8s and so far I have less cramping sessions with the bigger chunks. I got my shipment of 9 frogs for $10. at eBay so I am really eager to get to work on those instead of these fiddly stars.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So here is Pinky the frog with her mouth in place. Wait until you see what will go in it. We have to make a trip to town for her special item. She will go into the "Shameless" show at Gualala Arts in December, so be prepared for a surprise. If my packages ever come I can make her partner for the show.
I found out, when I sat her up with the beads done on her chest that she has boobs. How great that she has been a 'sh'e all along!
Barbara Fast, at CHAC gallery in Point Arena, invited me to be in the Christmas jewelry show and requested that I make more of the puffed stars and sun prism balls. So I gathered all the stuff for each project before sending my Fire Mountain order off to Vicki. Last night I started on the puff stars and found it very comforting to do something so familiar.  Thank goodness I had two boxed of Delicas in eggshell colors so I am off and beading. I am hoping to extend the star theme by make sea stars too.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I started beading on this the pink frog I had gotten from BB Toys. You see them on his one foot. That was the result of my whole afternoon's work.
Yesterday I had stopped working in the evening on the monkey because I could see that sewing in his upper lip needed precise work and I felt I was too tired to do a good job. However when I sat down today to work, after a good nap, I still did not feel I was up to the job and all I really wanted  to do was bead. I immediately found the red/pink beads that were perfect for this frog and never got up the nerve to return to the monkey who goes on living with a loose upper lip.

I see I need to redo the backdrop. The sun is moving northward and I need to raise the whole setup. For this shot I was using the last ray of sun and got the edge in too. I wish I had my old Photoshop program. I could have fixed that right corner in two shakes.