Monday, July 28, 2014

I think this purse is done until I look at it and then I find things I need to finish on it. Even Harmony noticed yesterday that I had put in so much stuffing it was impossible to use this as a purse. Today I notice that I have sewed into the mouth while adding the outside skin. Those threads will have to be clipped and then fastened down again. Maybe I am having a bad day - I have nothing I really want to do - or it could be Phyllis is hollering in my ear! Picked up the idea and name from Harmony's visit yesterday.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

After 10 minutes of punching all the right buttons, I hit the wrong one and this picture appeared. As you can see I am using the graduated colored backdrop. What a difference!
I still have one more eye to white bead and fill in some holes. I have to see if I have some chain to add. If not I may have to send in another order! So glad I ordered the new crystals as they give me the 'pop' the purple failed to show. Surely to I will start a new frog purse.

Friday, July 25, 2014

I am trying to keep up this side of beading also so there is now a photo of the legs unfinished. It only took me about 5 minutes to find the photo and get it up here.
I did get the two new crystals from Fire Mountain yesterday and should have glued them in the for the photo but got carried away by other thinking. . . I need to do gluing at the last minute, when I am ready to quit so it can dry while my day spins around. With a very good day today I might get the legs finished.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Part of my disinterest in blogging about the animals has been my poor work in beading. For some unknown reason my beading skills really tanked when I broke my tailbone. I was ashamed to show you what I was doing. I did keep trying to bead on pieces that didn't interest me much or ones I felt were already ruined - like the guy below. Last week I began work on this nine inch frog with the idea that if he turned out well I would enter him into Gualala Arts "Art in the Redwoods." I thought I had missed the deadline for the entry forms but decided to work on him anyway.

On Sunday, as I finished the underside and tried out various topside treatments, I got the urge again to show him off. So I checked the GAC website and saw the deadline was a Monday postmark. I could do that! So I downloaded the form and filled it out. Then I had the idea to come to this site and return to keeping a record of my work again.

Sunday I went through my crystal collection to find some amethyst drops to use as eye pupils but after I glued them in, the color did not bounce enough among all that green. So Monday I cut off the purple ones and ordered golden orange zirconian ones from Fire Mountain. They are already on the way here, so they will arrive before I get the topside beaded. Oh, I am using 8's frosted green with gold 11s between. I load the needle with 5 beads at a time so it goes fast and adds to his mass.

I also thought that if I was going to do good animals again I should make better photographs. After I took this picture I tore down the winter set up and rehung the professional backdrop with the graduation from white to black. It was a job but I was proud of myself for attempting it and getting it done.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I finally got this frog done! It seemed to take forever! I call him my "stroke frog" - working on him about 6 weeks evidently tipped me over into the strange new life that causes me to list to the left. The situation is improving - thank goodness!. So the frog contained beading that was not my usual standard. I debated about just leaving this piece unfinished but I wanted to get back to beading. So I decided to finish this one as I practiced to start something new. If you look closely you will see he has a mouth that is open. Using the clasp it is possible to close it.