Monday, March 22, 2010

Ah! I got these three finished up late last night. Have now used up all my long bugles and can turn to something else. Love the subtle shine on these translucent bugles. Softer than the gold or silver ones which feel harder to me. These are really spring-like. Here you can see that the embellishment tapers at the two ends. Good!
Have decided to try two more of the long big necklaces for Beadstar to avoid having to fix the butterfly I showed you yesterday. Have the focal points all laid out and the selection of beads for the rest. Now to find the time of peace and quiet to pull myself together to do it. A neighbor, not home, has let their dogs run wild and barking all weekend and I feel I cannot tolerate another day of continual barking. Very grumpy! Because I need every bit of creative spirit to make these work.
Did get the publicity for the Easter Gift Show sent off to the ICO. I should have been able to whip that out as easy as pie, but for some reason I have worked and rewritten it more times than there will be readers! Unless I make a goof! Then everyone will read it!