Friday, August 30, 2013

The monkey does not have a bald spot! The coiling of the bead rows over his head left a perfect area for a dollop of amber that was in my stash. Each evening I promise to glue it in so it can dry overnight and the next day I find I was too tired to remember to do it. I doubt I get the monkey done today as it takes forever to do the tail since I am beading around it so it will curl. The face is not going to be easy either. But I am happy with the cinnamon color. It is amazing how good the Precosia beads set themselves in the curves. Amazon people, I still cannot set the cursor back into previously typed text. I did just discover I can use the arrow keys to place the cursor back into the text.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How about a big monkey hug? All done with Precosia beads so everything is fitting together perfectly. The last time I did this creature, I, for some crazy reason, put a purple tail on him. I shall try, this time, to be more ordinary! I may have to tear out some of one hand as the way I started to add the amber beads is not as well done as on the other hand.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The rooster is getting his white feathers but I am not happy. Maybe I see too much with the magnifying glasses. The beads do not sit closely enough together and too much of the pink naked chicken color shines through. I made up an order for Fire Mountain to get some white in Precosia, but I felt I could not wait 2 weeks. I will take another look at the bird in the daylight to make a decision. I could stop now, wait for the new order and then decide whether to cut this work off or to continue it. I could finish this chicken and then do a new one. I am happy with the comb and the wattle.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The rooster nearly ready for his white feathers. With big tail and wings plus feet and comb and wattle, this has taken a long time to get this far. I find it interesting that the body is the slightly pink of a plucked chicken and not the white of feathers. I considered making him a Rhode Island Red but late last night started with the good opaque whites. That reminds me I want to see if Precosia makes an opaque white bead. Also I need to get new magnifying glasses. Mine are getting scratched and no longer are clear. Off to go shopping.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The puppy is finished. While looking for crystals for the grinch I found more of these small lentil-shaped black beads that are so good for eyes. I still need a Precosia white opaque bead. These are better than the ones I used on the skunk but I feel there must be a donut shaped bead somewhere waiting on me to order them.
I started on the rooster but Werner talked me into watching "Pretty Woman" again with him.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The puppy is turning golden! Now for the face and ears. I realized while working on this how much I enjoy just holding a little stuffed animal in my hands. To think that I have discovered a way, and an excuse, to do this for the major portion of my day fills me with satisfaction that I do know what I need and have the courage to take it - and to make it a valuable little gift.
Again the text manager on blogspot will not allow me to go backwards into text to fix my errors. Gggggrrrrr!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet the new mutt! I think he is a pug. At least from the pose and well made legs you can tell that he is from the 2009 series.Nice quiet fun with nothing to figure out or change or design. A ho-hum  puppy I can make on automatic. Am listening to the audio-book, Gone with the Wind, and am hating every moment of it.
Again blogspot will not let me go back into typed text so the title of the book remains without its italics. I made a formal complaint yesterday so we will see how long it takes them to fix this.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

So you can now meet the purple grinch as a cherry cherry. Only at the last minute, as I was closing the hole on the top of his head did I get the idea of hair or fireworks, or brain storms. Now I wish I had more of these little creatures as they are simple enough that one could invent many other personalities and beings. I may go looking for these, if not on Ebay, at least at the beannie baby toystore.
We are having a gorgeous summer day so it feels sinful to be sitting inside at the computer but actually this is the coolest room in the house.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm trying to keep up my posts even though the mechanics behind Blogspot need some serious tweaking. Again just playing around, keeping cool, this figure - a grinch? a smurf? from the 2009 series was my choice. If I had had some better purple 8s I would have done him in his original colors. Now with him in red I do not know if that makes him more lovable or just plain angry.Hopefully a beaded face will make him less goofy-looking. I just tried to go back into the text to improve on a sentence and

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I tried not to make this one. Over a week ago I started the Dalmation dog (you can see the spots on the belly) and when I finished the underside I had such an urge to sew on the rest of the dog, the bits and pieces of beading from trials and testing. I felt this was kind of a crazy idea so I set the dog aside and did the panda - very accurate and following each color change. When I set the panda bear aside there was the dog waiting on me to finish him. So I did. I picked out of my bag of UFOs -
Here is the panda bear baby. That white really makes him look as if he is in diapers. In this case, I am wondering if fur is better than beads? Not everything works every time.This guy is from the 2009 series and is well-made and sits easily.

Monday, August 5, 2013

I kept having the feeling I had done another animal last week, but in the backlog and jumble I could not remember what it was. Then, while organizing my beads to start the new panda bear, I found this chick from the 2009 series.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Here is the week's work - the skunk. I do like the legs being legs instead of vestige wings (as on the older animals). Still for me the head was too large. You can see it even in the photograph, but here it looks like camera angle.I used the wrong white beads and seriously considered redoing them but had worked them together with the black beads so I would have taken out almost all the beads/ Hmm. This program is really wonky. I cannot highlight or move text. Maybe Google is tired of hosting a blog feature. Back to beading - at least I understand that.

For some unknown (to me) reason, all week I have tried to post these two images and both times I have gotten an error message and lost the entry. So beliveing that the third time has a charm, and it's being Sunday, I try again.
Oops already weird things are happening so I will quickly say, "Here is the pup finished. But you knew that.