Thursday, March 11, 2010

As you can see I got the net up and was able to hang all the beaded pieces! Got it done in the prescribed 2 hours. The "Scrotum Series" got lots of laughs and several people came up and looked and gave the appropriate "oh this is lovely" comments. Ling-yen - the quality woman -came up, picked out the earring with the Zirconia crystal and Swarovskis as her choice. I gave it to her as thanks for all the work in arranging the show. The studio was very clean, the garden was perfect and even the bathroom had real towels and plenty of soap. She had made name labels for each of us, the sign-up sheet for gallery-sitting had been typed and available. I signed up for Friday afternoon so I could be there and not have to make a second trip to town for the opening.
I came home and gathered up a few more items that could be hung on the net, but now that I see the photo I am thinking that maybe there is enough stuff on it. I do like the pictorial quality of the display.
I did notice the outlets at each end of the net and thought of taking my own lights. It would work to put a gooseneck lamp at each end, where the swags of earrings are, to shine down on the sparkilies.
Also floated the idea that we leave the show up for Easter which is only a couple of weeks away. Even promised to gallery-sit on Easter Sunday and Jan Maria said she would sit with me.