Thursday, November 6, 2014

This is the beginning phase of Prince Charming. In case you cannot read the note that will sit at his side in the exhibit "Shameless" it reads.
Meet Prince Charming
1. Give him an air kiss.
2. Life him up to see if he has turned into a Prince.

When one lifts him up his erect penis is visible. I hope he gives the visitors to the show a laugh.

While doing all of that ( I shortened the dildo by a couple of inches, and sewed it securely to to his bottom and added jewels to the crown) I got out the prototype for my summer version of the Frog Purse. Now being quiet, I had the nerves and serenity to redo the mouth of this frog. It is even better than ever and all the repeats of making frog mouths is paying off as I finally know what to do in the corners where life peeks through!  I will put this frog in CHAC in Point Arena as Barbara had asked for him even before I had his mouth fixed. I have things to make for Christmas but am finding that the tiny pieces for the puff star give me cramps in my hands to hold them in place while making them. I have found all the jobs for Christmas very invasive. All I want to do is bead on my frogs and anything else makes me jittery and unhappy.