Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is amazing how a series in a beaded project will end itself. I had felt I was done with doing these bracelets, but when I put the beads away I found I had another package of the silver bugles. Having no other project in mind, I began this bracelet. It did not thrill me as the lovely color of the seed beads comes out an even duller silver than the silver beads. Still, as you see I finished it.
Then I started a second one, was not happy with the new color I had picked to go with the silver (again) and when I actually broke a bugle (first time - I thought they were stronger) pulling knot up into it, I cut the whole bracelet apart and returned all the beads to their containers.
As I was putting these away I found the bag containing the fishing lures which I had put away while working on these bracelets. So I am now assuming that I should return to them. I did get the idea of gluing the felt to the back end of the lure, instead of wrapping it so the shape of the fish in the lure is not changed. I tried it out and it works! That is enough to make me interested in going back to doing the lures.
However, I did figure out what that 'big project' that was lurking in my mind was. Jeanne wants me to make a smaller version of the bead pillar for her bathroom. We meet this afternoon to decide the colors.