Monday, April 30, 2012

I had a great time at the ukiaHaiku Festival! Above is the one good photo I got from my seat in the audience.

The next photo is of the jewelry I wore. How's that? a report on what I wore! I finished the necklace at about 11:30 the night before. I like the 'bail' as it looks big and brave enough to hold up that huge glass crystal. I have another in pinkish hues that I am now working on - when I get my energy back!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Got the fairy-angel done but it was too late in the evening for a sunny photograph. With the brightness of the face, the best way to photograph her could be in these light conditions.
On Thursday evening I started to bead the back side of the wings and it was not going well. I do not know if I was the problem or if the piece did not the wings to be double-sided with beads. In frustration I gave up and began to search through all my doll stuff as I knew somewhere I had an extra pair of ready-made angel wings. I tore stuff out of a closet AND a cupboard and never did find those wings. What I did find was this feather boa trim in white and in red! I was well-prepared! So I sewed, as you see, the red feathers to the backside of the wings and turned it around so the feathers surround the doll. I do like what the Universe wanted as it gives the softness I would prefer. The photo of the wings from the back was not sharp or I would show how great it all looks.
I sewed the suspension device where it seemed best, but when I hung her, I had the feeling she was tipped too far forward. I guess I should not plan to take her to PA today but need to keep her around a bit longer to get better acquainted.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decided to do the wings for the doll /angel /fairy /dancer and got this far last night. Still need to do the other side. Am glad to be doing such brainless beading as I am already getting nervous about the trip to Ukiah for the Haiku Festival. I hear it will be hot. I have said I will introduce the prize winners if they let me appear naked with my hair dropping wet. It is up to them. . .

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Look who came to lunch! We had seen a bobcat out on the road last week, but today at noon he was in the yard, just yards from the dining room window. At one point, before I got the camera, he heard Werner upstairs and would open his mouth to hiss and growl as he looked up in his direction. I do not think he is a sweet little pussycat. He was sniffing the gopher holes with eager intent. Am thinking I may keep Bu Kitty inside for awhile at night. He is twice Bu's size and is surely a lot younger.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just a quick Monday morning report on how this is going. I have moments when I am working on the piece that I should not be doing THIS. However as the beads take over the patterns I am pleased with the closeness of the values and hues. Am on to the legs - the easiest part. The question now is: can I do this and the wings and get them done before next Saturday when I take the bear to Point Arena? I have had moments when I thought of making a beaded tutu, in pink pearls, and then there are moments. . . I also want to add a picot edging to the arms and legs.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I hate to admit it, but it seems to be so: Being rejected by a contest has repercussions in my ability to work. For the last week I have beaded every day, tried to find something that interested me, made some terrible things (flowers with pearl centers; lizards in the palest green and white, a lacing for a necklace that I still cannot connect to the focal point). Then Barbara Fast at the Coast Highway Art Collective asked me to bring into the gallery the beaded teddy bear. Suddenly my drive and inspiration were back on track and in full force. Out in the studio I opened a box of dolls and had enough courage to take this one, the smallest one, and to start beading her body. So far so good and I am very thankful to Barbara for hand up out of the pit! Long may she prosper and may her tribe increase!

Monday, April 9, 2012

So my hands found themselves doing these this weekend. Am enjoying the push to work with new colors given to me by the stones. I got two boxes of books on tape from B. so I am happy as a beader can be. If I decide to do the usual beaded collars for these I could be occupied all week long.

Why is pink such a hard color to manage on the computer? And those lovely copper beads on teh bottom piece go all dark in the scanner.

Friday, April 6, 2012

That's it. The third time. My work has been rejected again by Bead & Button's "Bead Dreams" contest. Okay. I give up! I am lying on the railroad tracks. I dare someone else to run me down. To take some of the pain of this rejection was the big (for bead sales) check from the Coast Highway Art Collective. The $50 rental fee for the month was much cheaper than the 1/3 cut other places take as commission. So my gamble to go with this new venture, is, at the present, paying off and in a very complimentary way! Fie on contests! I'll take the vote by the $$ and the many (nearly 100) views on my Etsy site. No sales there but I only had to pay $.40 for the month!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In a new rainstorm I finished up these attempts at making a limpet. Somehow they also seem related to barnacles. I do hope they are what this guy wants. As always, when do a project that is off my beaten path, I learn new ways of doing something. I had never been happy with my way of sewing the diamonds of the puffed stars together. While doing these (and making sure they were sturdy) I found another way to zip up the sides with an additional pass-through that I really like.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I just realized that the back of the bear was also interesting. Since it is so hard to move the photos around in this blogging device, I have just made a new entry. I photographed the bear on an abalone shell in case I decide to post it as an Etsy item on my Bead Beach.
After I finished this last night I could not decide what to start next. I sat for almost an hour fingering this and that hoping something would inspire me enough to thread the needle and get going. I was so surprised when an idea crossed my mind and instantly I was on fire to work on it. Stayed up until 1 a.m. trying out various methods of making a limpet. They do not scan well so we will have to wait for more sun for a photo. By then I should have even more variations on a theme.

Got the bear done yesterday just in time to catch the last rays of sunlight on him for a photograph. Had a few spots to fill in around the one leg, but positioned the bear so they didn't show and filled them in later in the evening.

Originally I had an oval of abalone shell bezeled on the forehead and it just did not look right. Perhaps the white 15s around it were the problem. I ripped it all out and started seeing what fit into the hole. To my surprise it was this 'jewel' I had ordered on line and when it arrived I stared at it wondering what I was on when I ordered THAT! Happily around the bezeled shell I had put a circle of green beads and they snuggled right up to the crystal so I got the change made without having to sew in anything. While I often had my doubts about doing this bear while working on it, now that it is done I am glad I did it. If the Etsy Beadweavers would let me enter two pieces in the April challenge of "Seed Beads" (they won't) I would enter this. The five crystals and underneath teddy bear would have been, I think, within the parameters of the contest. Maybe I will find some other place to show him off. Sorry B, I have no modesty, as you know!