Friday, March 12, 2010

The 'entertainment center' arrived from Home Decorators. It was so heavy I could barely drag it over the threshold and I wondered how I would ever get it to my beading chair. So I opened the box at the door and carried the pieces into the living room one at a time and began to assemble it. The instructions warned that it took two adults and I was afraid the two of us, Werner and I, did not qualify as that. I did as much as I could alone, got a big blister in my palm using the screwdriver, and just then Werner came down. Usually assembling furniture brings out the worst in us with the conviction that each of us is smarter and better carpenter than the other when the truth is we are both mechanical idiots.

However we got this solidly built cart together fairly easily, with no temper tantrums or pinched fingers. Putting the casters on was the hardest part. Already I had organized my seed beads into the black display trays so it was a small thing to stack them on the shelves. This does not look like the 34" TV/VCR this was designed for, but it looks better than the plastic jobies for shelving and cost a lot less. I see in the photo is a bead on the chair! That is how it looks. I had thought of making a before photo but the area looked so terrible as it was that I did not want that recorded.

Tonight is the opening of the Flower Power show in Point Arena and it is raining very hard and has been since last night. I guess that is where flowers get their power! Cannot figure out what to wear because I first need to decide which new beaded piece to wear. If I could decide that I would have the clothes thing figured out in a minute. I have to go in at 2 to gallery sit so I do not have all day. It is so dark I am thinking of taking some lamps.