Monday, March 29, 2010

Here is the whole necklace with the focal point I showed you last week. On Saturday I got up the courage to cut it apart and reworked the connection between the focal point and the rest of the necklace. It is always like murdering something to cut a work apart and when the scissors click and the beads began to roll I am sure I can see blood. But it was worth it all as I feel this looks so much better.
Today I am wondering if I have enough beads to do another one. Or do I go work on the fish? Sue wants some samples for her demonstration and I would love to try out a couple of new ideas before then.

I see now, comparing this necklace (done last September) and the new one, that I have gotten richer and have more fullness. Still I love the warmth of the colors in this one. It is amazing how I thought this necklace was so big and now the two newest ones are much more. Everything is relative.