Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Warrior Cat

I am slowed down, not by the intricacies of the patterning but from a general exhaustion after finishing Lynx. Beading is so relaxing for me that often I do not even let go of the needle before I drop off to sleep. I wake up refreshed and in a new part of the story on the audiobook with my hand angled for the next stitch. I am practicing dying. This is how I want to go. . . work in my hand and I just nod off am gone. However, I want to stick around long enough to see how I am going to resolve this one. The white fabric is thicker than usual so it feels like flannel. That makes the beads press down into slight grooves that holds them in place.Am trying to feature how the face shall be done. Think I need to study some tribes that do face tattoo. I think this is turning into a warrior cat.