Thursday, September 6, 2012

The turtle helped me finish it off last night. Thank goodness the stone chips made the shell hump up the way I had the finished piece in my mind. I was worried that the droop in the original shell would not pop into shape, but it did. I love the green beads here so I just ordered a pound of them. I finally figured out how to manage the favorites list on Fire Mountain. Maybe with my next order I will be unable to confuse Vicki so much.

I had been putting off starting on the butterfly because I knew this animal /bug was going to take some time. Having found out how great 8s work on the underside of the turtle, I think I can get the bling I want on the undersides of the butterfly the same way. This idea gave me the impetus to pick it up as the next project. I am pleased with how the transparent yellow look on top of that hot pink. What you cannot see here is the underside of the body which I was able to complete last night. The angle of this photo is all wrong. The butterfly needs to fly!