Monday, September 3, 2012

Got the snake done and had sunshine enough for a photograph, but also company during the 30 minutes of optimum light! Sue came by to share fresh blackberries she had just picked and tales of her trip to Japan. She bought the very first animal I ever beaded - the big teddy bear that I had entered in Fire Mountain's contest (still no word!). Thanks Sue and I hope grandbaby Hannah will appreciate it and you and your sense of art taste!
Last night I had started on this, a rather rare 1993 tennie beanie baby. At about 10:30 as I was four rows from finishing the underside, I found out the other box of green iris 8s were actually blue. I searched high and low for more. I found the same color in 6s, though. Nothing to do but to cut off all those beads and nine hours of work. Started all over with these yellow ones. I guess that is what the turtle wanted - a brighter, lighter look underneath.
I am still tearing the house apart looking for the bag of fish lures. At the opening at CHAC on Saturday night Arna Means said she wanted one of my fish lures as a key chain. There was only one on a necklace so I decided to make a new one for her. I know that only a week or so ago, while looking for something else I found the bag of fish lures. I was surprised I had so many and thought, "I must put these where I can find them as I do not need to order more." And I put them in a very secure new place, not where they had been, and now I cannot find them. A candle and prayer to St. Anthony is on my afternoon agenda.