Monday, September 24, 2012

This is obviously not a beading project but the activity is related to the beads. Here are Mary and Al Rose gathering up my ceramics to make a new effort in finding new homes for the pieces. Some they will try to sell on the patio of the CHAC gallery, some they will use as planters for the plants they have raised and some as garden sculptures in their landscaping business. When I get the last of the dust and spiders cleaned up all the studio space can now go to the beads. Mary kept asking me if I was sad to see the pots go out of my life and I kept insisting I was glad to see them appreciated by someone new and was delighted to see how the pots inspired them to new ideas and projects. Then in the night I felt sad, but the feelings of thankfulness that I could make these things, that they were going to a good new home where there was more energy for them took the sharp edge off the sadness. My gratitude fills up the loss.