Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At this point I ran out of day. I will not be running out of beads though. Vicki called to say she was sending in my order early so I should have them by Saturday. I am very happy with the Preciosa beads from Czechoslovakia. Have many more in the order which I am eager to get. They are smaller than 11s - closer to being 15s - maybe we could call them 13s? Anyhow they offer a good option for when 11s are too big and I am too impatient to sew down all those 15s. The colors are excellent but I do find several that are too small for the needle to pass through. However, by being smaller than 11s, I get more beads per ounce. When I started the green on the turtle I was worried that I would not have enough to finish it, but I still had 1/2 box left over.
Good news from Barbara Fast at CHAC. This is the first month that everyone in the co-op has sold something and gets a check. She only opened in March so I think this is fantastic success. This also shows how art events at Gualala and around spill over into Point Arena. I am hoping that soon our art events will create spill over back to them!