Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As you can see, from this unfinished side, why I thought the color for the fins was a good one.

However when I got all the chips on, it seemed to me (late last night) that the difference in hues between body and fins was too great. The fins are just too light. In the photo they do not seem quite so terrible. I will finish the other side and then make a decision. I thought of adding a line of green beads on top of and between each of the lines on the fins. I have never done that so this 'error' may be leading me into bright new terror-tory. I do love these peridot chips. You can see, behind the fin, the size and color I had before - much bigger, not at all clear, and a much more of a yellow green. I am again amazed how many beads or chips it takes. Just to get to this point I have used over two 36 inch strands of chips. No more timid purchasing!
I was greatly relieved to find out that the front fins and pellets in the belly were able to support the fish upright. I had visions of having to suspend it with crystal 'bubbles'. . .