Monday, September 10, 2012

I have not been showing you the progress on the butterfly because I kept feeling that to look its best it had to be suspended. So yesterday, after adding the face and antenna, I hung it before the backdrop. I do not know what others will think, but I was completely enchanted. I took gobs of photos - I had to as it kept spinning - and this morning I feel none of them capture the charm of the work. The colors seem way off in the photos (those beads underneath are surely not that green!) and the beads on the top of the wings I saw as 'blue' and the box called 'cobalt' look very purple here. I am pleased with the way the front wings turn upward on the tips. I had not counted on that. I was aware of having to curl the wing backward to get the needle where I wanted it.
I did start on a small fish named "Coral" because I had gotten the order from Fire Mountain and the peridot chips arrived. They are really tiny but that is exactly right for scales. I thought I would practice using them on this fish before using them on my last seahorse that I want to make into a dragon.