Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A marvelous sunny afternoon gave me lots of excellent photos. Here is the snake in all his striking beauty. You can even see his crystal baby rattle. The way the beads line up on the underside really give the feel of a snake belly. Eager to try a different color on the belly. I tried to cut the spikes on the tongue but the material would not hold its shape so I just beaded the ends. By using 15s I could get them this thin. If I did this again I would cut down the tongue so it is not so fat. Adding beads to the animals adds not only weight, but also size. In this case the size of the tongue with the beads is slightly off for the size of the snake's head. I was surprised, and pleased, that I could work on this animal/reptile, could handle it with complete ease and calm. There is also a spider in the collection but I think I could not be so open to touching it for hours. Besides those 8 long skinny legs would be a b* to bead.