Friday, September 28, 2012

So back to the stars! When I had the white beads out in order to pick one for the walrus tusks, I just could not find any that 'fit' so I just sat and stared into space. An idea came to mind, kind of like those messages in the Magic 8 balls, the way they drift into view. With it came the memory of promising Barbara more stars for Christmas. So with a terrible inner noise I shifted gears and here we are. The first one took almost fifteen hours to get it this far and my heart sagged with the idea of doing stars for weeks. Then last night I started a smaller star and it went very fast. In addition, while checking out what I needed to order for new beads, I found the bag of very light silver lined pink/whites. Then the old quickening returned as I was eager to see what kind of a star those beads would make. It is is this drive, this eagerness, this desire to discover how something will or can or could look that fuels my beading. Without it the time with the needle is just work and drudgery.