Saturday, September 1, 2012

The snake is moving right along. There I wrote it. That line has been in my head all morning and it was so ridiculous that I could not get rid of it - like those tunes that bore into your mind. Germans call them "Ohrwurm" = ear worms! Maybe this little snake is an ear worm. That thought will make me squirm as I work on it.
Oh, I did find many excellent images of the tongues of snakes on Google and I will re cut this one to match. The remake is not done because my very best and sharpest scissors have disappeared. I have about 20 pairs of scissors in my work room alone so it is no wonder that they appear and disappear on a regular basis. As soon as I knew what had to be done to reshape the tongue, I got an image in my mind of a certain pair of scissors that are "always" in the thread cup. Yep. Now they are gone. If I could just get rid of those images of mutilated human tongues I also found online. Yipes!
The snake takes lot of chips. I am glad I started with these - the only ones of which I had about 2 cups. Can see a snake made with crystals. That would make Mr. Swarosky happy!
I got the stars back from the Bead N' Button photo team and will take them to the gallery tonight for the opening of Brenda and Jim's show. The sun is already shining so I should be able to photograph the bumble bee so it can go along also. Someday Barbara will start screaming, "Enough of those animals."