Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My 'error' led me to make spots by sewing two 15s on top of every other one of the 11s. the beading was so tight it was hard to get the needle in. I broke three in one evening. You cannot see, from here, the little area on the tail that still needs its green spots, but I hope you can deduce how much better taming down the fin colors works. I am surprised how greenish the yellow and white pearl beads look among the pink ones on the gill fins. Worked a long time to get the right eye for this fish. Some were too bright and some not visible at all. My main purpose in beading this fish was to try out the colors for the dragon. Now I am less sure than ever. I am greatly tempted to try another color combination on another fish. However I must stop today to prepare jewelry items so Barbara Fast can decide what she wants, or doesn't want, to put in the Coast Highway Art Collective gallery in Point Arena.