Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry the scan looks so horrible. I am racing to finish Lynx and can't take the time to do a photo. Anyhow, meet "Goochie" the octopus. I am going to regret picking this one when I get to those legs. Last night I used some transparent pink AB 11s on the underside of the skirt and they block out too much of the color so I will soon have to quit on this to wait for the order to come.
I know now the bug is a Pine Sawyer beetle. He is only active at night so last evening I put him in a large glass vase with a sponge full of water and now he is sleeping off all his attempts to get out. At this point I am waiting on someone to tell me what to do with him. I read on the Internet that they make good pets. . . Anyone that lonely? I prefer beanie babies!