Wednesday, August 22, 2012

While doing the front legs I had the feeling that the nose was so long that the front legs would not touch the floor (as the anteater does) but I see from this that the nose just touches. It feels as if the dog is sniffing the floor (which is a good hound dog pose). There is now the tail AND the belly to do. These 15s do take up the time.
Yesterday a new box of teannie babies came from Ebay (paid $6 for 17 of them) and there were a couple of new ones I am eager to do. Also there was a fish in soft colors on which I am very eager to use the soft colored pearl beads. My question is whether I can go back to finish the dog begun in 11s or if I will tear into those new packages.
Also arriving in the mail were the new larger clear boxes and they are perfect! The size is right and I like how they bump up the impressiveness of the animal. They need a bit of stuffing or shredded paper to 'anchor' them to the clear bottom. Will show you the boxes as soon as I get that figured out. Am feeling that now the animals need a tiny brochure enclosed and it will take some time to get those instructions. Lots to think about as I continue sewing down all those 15s. I see from the photo I missed one under ear.