Thursday, August 16, 2012

I finished the anteater yesterday afternoon while fielding bunch of daisy calls and doing laundry. I was so distracted I could not figure out which animal to make next. I had read that the new challenge on Etsy was beaded works on the theme of the moon. The only animals I could think of would be the mouse that ate the green cheese the moon is made of or the rabbit the Japanese see in the moon. In all my teannie babies there was no mouse or rabbit. I tried making a mouse out of a kola bear by beading a cone as nose but the rest of the face was wrong, as well as the ears were too round. There were some moments when I thought of making a cloth mouse (I make one each year for Bu Kitty's Christmas present and have gotten fairly good at simple mouse shapes) and then beading it. Instead my hand strayed over to the table and picked up "Bones" the hound dog. Only when I got this far did I see that the bead I had picked (love the color - a pinkish brown) was one of the cylinder shaped ones. I had vowed not to use them anymore because they do not ease together as rounded beads do. The question today is whether I cut away three hours of beading to start this one again with different beads or just bead on through to the bitter end. I fear that my ease in tossing the fish before finishing it has lead me down a primrose path of perfidy.