Monday, August 20, 2012

I got only this much farther with ten hours of beading. Arms and legs do exact their toll! It was good I stopped the back on the right side when I did or I would have had to redo the sides where the leg rises up. One of the overhead ;amps burned out and I really need a new bulb! but otherwise I have no complaints! I like the browness of the metallic beads (on everything but the one ear) and I am pleased how ear and body color relate. This is the first of the beanie babies that I have felt the head was not well designed. It seems too big to me.
As the other puppy, with the 11s, continues to stay in my sight, I am becoming more open to accepting the larger beads with which it was started. That means that instead of cutting off the first attempt I will go on to finish it.
In a call from Vicki she said how much she liked the back of my first crab with the stone chips. I was glad she said that because the crab, being my first altered beanie baby, was fairly close to my original objective. Doing these dogs has pulled me off my path. Still I learn something from each project so nothing is really lost according to the Messages from Michael which I have been reading.