Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To my surprise I started on the bumble bee. A basket of possible beanie babies was at my elbow. I reached out, pulled this one out, and started sewing. I am wondering what journey is meant for me via this bug.
What you cannot see are the 8s I used on the bottom. That size made the bottom especially flat and solid. I want to remember this when I do the lady bug again. Am eager to dip into one of the many new yellow beads I got recently. There were times, in the light last night, that this yellow had a greenish hue and I wondered if I should go for that. I am hoping I can find a good clear yellow to keep to the bee-ness. I used matt finish black beads for the body - hoping to indicate fuzziness - and shiny black on the wings. Because the legs are so small I suspect I will have to use 15s on them. That will slow me down. Am wondering what it would take to make this into a lightning bug. . . Saw an ad for very tiny LED lights in a catalog. . . Hm. . . now the idea of the greenish yellow body makes sense!