Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well the colors on that fish were just too much for me. So, breaking all my rules, I tossed the unfinished beast into the basket of cat toys and there it is. To heal my retinas, I picked up the anteater - a symphony in grays that I never thought I would bead because of the color. It was harder getting started than I thought since I have almost no gray beads. When Sherrie was my biggest supplier I had every imaginable shade of gray (she does have excellent tastes in beads!) but I almost never buy a gray bead. I found a tube someone had given me but within minutes found out why. The holes were very small and many choked on the needle. What to do? I picked my grayest white bead and here we are. I did have enough gray vintage charlottes Sera had given me so I used them on the ears. I see now how a whole animal in that shade of gray would have been dreary indeed. This is where I stopped last night. I see the tail needs another line. This little beast has worked up so fast! Either I am getting better, the animals are getting smaller, or someone is helping when I am not looking!