Sunday, August 12, 2012

While delighting in the delicate colors of the sea horse I had forgotten the terrible neon colors in the fish. No wonder I did such a bad job of finding the right colors for the previous one. Only after beginning this did I realize how transparent these pearlized seed beads are! You can see the difference in colors in the two top fins. The larger one is a dark raspberry color and the smaller one is the same terrible pink as the lower one. Another 'mistake' here - on the seahorse I could cover those large areas adding three beads at a time. Here, I saw on the larger fin that I must return to adding only two. You can actually see on the large fin where I discovered this fact and changed my stitch size. I may, if I go on with this, go back to redo part of that fin. I was hoping the light of day would inform me as to whether to continue with the pearls or choose a set of colors in opaque beads. You see the head and tail colors are the same as those used on the sea horse and that was where I went wrong. How often in life can one see that?