Friday, August 24, 2012

Last night I finished the dog done in 15s just before stopping for dinner. I was fairly sure that when I got back to the beads I would dip into the basket of unopened beannie babies to pick my next project. Mary, who cleans, had seen the seahorse and at first thought it to be a dragon. What a great idea! I will make the new one I have into a dragon. I even went to the studio to search for the right kind of stone chips to use for dragon scales and came back in with several possibilities.
Yet when I sat down for an evening of beading my hands first strayed to the dog I showed you on August 16th. I began clipping off the beads and pulling out threads. Such mindless work becomes almost meditation. I was very tired and sore from cleaning and this was about all I could do. To my surprise, when I returned to the real world (give or take some of its aspects) I was sewing down these transparent yellow 11s. How much better these fit together than the cylinder like pink brown beads. I suspect that I will now go ahead to do this puppy while I wait for my nerve to gear up to doing the dragon.