Monday, August 6, 2012

As is usual, when I do something startling or 'far out' like "Steampunk Pussy" I then have to draw back, retreat, recover and recuperate before getting up the courage to charge ahead again. Also, I am waiting on a new supply of brass stampings. So after finishing the First Place ribbon, and wishing I had attached the ribbons differently, I pawed through my cache of animals to see which one wanted beads. It was Nuts the squirrel. You can already see what a sweet face he has. What you cannot see is his bushy tail made of some hairy fabric that tangles the thread far too easily - hence the plastic bag. Again, as with the Cocker Spaniel, I saw him done with brown root beer AB beads but when I held up the tubes of color against his tail, I decided for the blond or golden squirrel.
I am thinking I want to do a winged animal - to add wings to an animal that does not have them. A pig would be the logical choice, one of the few animals I do not have is Snout the Pig. I have lots of dogs and cats. If it can rain cats and dogs, can they fly?