Monday, August 27, 2012

Over the weekend I finally got around to making the 'book' - that brownish blob at the bottom - that makes this worm into a bookworm and enables her to sit upright. No more lying on her side looking like roadkill. What you cannot see from this photo are the white pages within the book. I am hoping the real thing 'reads' better than this photo.

I wanted to show you the new boxes but I whisked them off to the gallery before the sun came out for a photo. Here is "Steampunk Pussy" in her box. I didn't take her to the gallery because I am hoping that looking at her will inspire me to do another one. So far no luck. The inner push is just not yet there. The good news is that the boxes are excellent. I was surprised how much shredded paper and Easter grass I had on hand - even these silvery strands. Each animal gets an appropriate 'grounding' and interesting stuff to sprinkle on the carpeting.