Friday, August 3, 2012

So you can see how I am attempting to make a blue ribbon for the new bead category. What you cannot see is how I ran out of opaque white 11s and had to put a border around the words and then continue with frosted whites. When I stopped to search for the missing beads, I got so frustrated I quit with the label and started on the gold seal instead. Having it done will help me to know how big to make the white area below the words. Am trying to figure out how to make the ribbon without a bunchy layer under the gold seal. Am thinking of doing the ribbon and label together and then let the blue extend below. I think having the seal an added on piece feels right but the bulk of the ribbon would be too thick. Looking at this snapshot I see how I could add a hint of shadow to the ribbon. Hm. . . Eager to try this.
Today at the CHAC gallery is the retrospective for Kim Robinson so I doubt I will get any beading done today.