Thursday, August 30, 2012

I went back to Gualala Arts Center to see which of the bead works won the Beading Excellence Award. It was Joanne Leary's piece pictured here. While I was there, Sus, the Director came out holding the wrong prize ribbon piece. Remember I gave him the one I had made with the blue ribbon and the words 'first place' instead of Bead Excellence as you see below on August 17. He showed me how Phil Graf, in practicing up his hand to write the names of the winners on the back of the other ribbons, had written on the back of the 'wrong' ribbon' - "Sus, First Place, First Class, First in our hearts!" Sus asked me if I could remove the word 'Beads' and put something that would indicate that the ribbon really was for him (you can see the original on August 5). The next day the issue of Sketches, the center's newsletter, went online and I read Sus's letter which he signed "Executive Director." Then I knew his official title - he is so low-keyed I was not sure.
How to redo the card? Executive Director was much bigger than the word 'Beads' so I could not cut off the beads to replace it. I found I was able to pry off the back where Phil had written his poem. Then I cut off the logo and year and the words 'First Place.' They looked funny lying atop the card (actually Lacy's Stiff Stuff) so I got the idea (thanks Universe!) of putting gold on the edges. Using the computer I printed out 'Executive Director' and then using pastels as carbon paper, got the letters on the card stuff and sewed on the beads. I was very glad to have the chance to realign the ribbon. I had positioned it wrong before and this time I got it right. And just now Werner returned home after delivering the ribbon to Sus who was pleased with the results.