Sunday, August 19, 2012

What you can see best from this scan is the part on the rump that I am having to redo. Only after doing the other side by the tail did I see that a spur of the moment decision to put a curve around the butt did not work. I like to tear out, if I must, as the last job of the evening. Then by the next day the pain of losing all that beading is forgotten and I am only enthusiastic about filling in the hole. The delight of seeing how the 15s fit into one another calms my thoughts of "I am getting no where on this piece!"
Have been searching for the beads B used on the bracelet she left for me and only today, thanks to the chat feature at Fire Mountain, did I learn that the Jablonex beads B used are now known as Preciosa and are available at Fire Mountain. In my last order I had gotten several hanks as their yellow and oranges are better than Dynamites. Now to get the fab blues and greens B used.