Monday, June 11, 2012

So, here is the monkey revisited. . . Also I redid the eyes so they pop out more. I love those little glass flower shapes. They give the eyes a 'star' feeling with those little jutting points. I was able to straighten the nose a bit by putting in one bead on the other side.
Last night, just before closing down the beads, I cut out that weak yellow-green color on the worm. It is hard to believe that that 'weak' color is the same as is used here on the feet and paws of the monkey. It is tricky enough to figure out how one bead color will associate or change next to another but when you have transparent beads, the different under-lying colors can have a big influence on how that bead color is perceived. I have a new idea for the worm so am eager to finish the one I showed you yesterday.