Friday, June 29, 2012

One of my morning internet habits is to rinse the taste of google news out of my head by immediately going to Jennifer Cruisie's blog. Recently she wrote about doing steampunk crocheting and that gave me the idea to alter one of the McDonald's beanie babies. . . To my amazement, when I looked in the basket of brass stampings I found these clock parts. Because Sue always adds free goodies to her shipments I had the two brass bead covers that made perfect googles. There at my fingertips was the very special tulip bead cap that made a perfect crown. I had great fun in searching for what this piece wanted to be. It may not be 'art' in everyone's book, but I had pleasure in watching how these many choices came together to make "Steampunk Pussy"
Jennifer Crusie wrote that this changed her idea of "cat aesthetics."