Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In searching through my stash of blues I found a metallic matt bead that is very similar to the shiny AB I used on the other side. I tried this pattern of the bead rows hoping the animal would fold properly. It needs armpits to look right. The hind legs can be extended as if flying so that should be no problem. The next time I will do the ears last. Those 'fuzzy' inner ears are like velcro for thread - every stitch would catch on them.
While I worked yesterday I pondered where and how to place these. In the night a skunk came by so I woke up to shut the windows and never got back to sleep. I am assuming the Universe wants me to put these up on Etsy today. Some will go to Point Arena to the Coast Highway Art Collective and a couple to The Dolphin in Gualala. This may be a good time to show the animals to Bead And Button. I just signed a contract yesterday for them to bring the 3-D stars as Christmas ornaments in November.