Sunday, June 10, 2012

After I filled in under the chin of the monkey, as as I waited for the sun to get to my photo set-up for his official portrait, I sorted through all the tweenie beanie babies I had. Naturally having bought from several auctions I ended up with many of some of the animals and only one or two examples of others. So I bagged up according to kind (all the "Bones" dogs in on bag) and kept the rarer items in other boxes. Now I know what I have to experiment with. I found it funny that I was 'ready' for a more colorful animal - or one with wilder colors - when I found several "Inch" the worm. Not having legs, wings or feet, this is going fast. Perhaps I am simply at the half-way point where self doubts nearly undo me, but I am not satisfied with him either. I want to make one really wild worm!