Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finished the pelican last night. When the feet had been unbeaded and soft I wondered how to bead them so the belly could rest and balance on the feet. As I started to bead I realized that if the feet were stiff the animal could balance on the tail and feet. I works!
Late in the evening I started on the elephant. Have the idea I want to embellish him with flowers and crystals - an echo of how they decorate elephants in India. As I planned how to bead the back and legs I realized that this animal is not going to stand up on his four legs. They are too sprawled out. Then it dawned on me: he flies! Then I began to plan wings for him. Wings. Hm. . . Flying elephant. Dumbo! Looking at the images on the internet I remembered / realized he did not have wings but big ears. Last night I was thinking of bead weaving bigger ears for him but this morning I am leaning toward a row of long dangling 'earrings' to increase the size. They will not be aerodynamic but, I am thinking, very interesting. Now to do the boring stuff so I can get to the fun stuff. Blue. He is a light silver-lined blue.
Which reminds me. I am pleased with the colors of the pelican.