Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As you can see, I did do the hat for yesterday's worm. I thought the little flowers would be harder to make, but because they were small, just a couple of peyote rounds made them look realistic. Was glad the flowers covered up the gaps in the basic hat. BTW, the completed worm is 7.5 inches long.

I started my second worm with the idea that it would be crawling through the grass. I may be trying to show it to you too soon. I had hoped the 'grass' would be more lifelike and not so much like a saw made with blades of grass! (Where are those emoticons when you need one?)
Also I wanted to try to bead laterally instead of around to emphasize the wiggling motion. On the upper one I beaded around. Where the colors join, it is not a straight line so I had to fake it. Here I can follow the seams. I suppose I could do this procedure even if I did not bead from head to tail. I am trying to use transparent beads instead of the silver-lined ones (I worry that they might tarnish. . .) and they will show the difference in the underlaying colors. My only comfort this morning is that I have three unopened worms!