Sunday, June 17, 2012

I feel as if I have lost my ability to distinguish the difference between an 11 and 15 sized bead. I thought I was running out of 11s and was okay with that idea. Then while looking for the 15s I found two more vials of 11s and began doing the face. When I got to the ears I wanted 15s so I looked for them. None. Nothing. Nada. So I added a pound of 15s to my order. Only then did it occur to me to look into my bead stash of pound bags. There I did find some clear AB round beads with no sticker. I assumed these must be the missing 15s. So I put them in boxes and did one ear. Now I simply cannot tell if the beads on the ears are actually smaller than the ones on the body. I am wondering if I have done all the back in 15s? Or are those 11s? I guess when the order arrives I will find out what Fire Mountain believes are 15s and maybe I will take more care in keeping the identifying sticker on the bag. I comfort my self esteem with the idea that this is a good color / bead and I should find lots of uses for it in the future. It will be interesting to see how the fabric colors of the beanie babies change under these beads.