Monday, November 12, 2012

Vicki got stars in her crown today. After staffing the gallery all day (and making several sales) she took the time to gather up all tof my stuff that had accumulated in the back room and delivered it to me. She even gave me compliments on the cheese I had brought to the opening. Thank goodness Jody had bought too many packages of the cheese so I was able to share some with Vicki. Having her here allowed me to give her the ornaments I had made for the tree to be donated by the bead group which means I do not have to go to the bead meeting and hobble around in front of friends. She was also kind enough to offer to sell my beaded animals along with her things which saves me the huge job of setting up at Festival of Trees. I felt so relieved and elated to get all these delivery jobs taken care of, and the package for Fire Mountain with the snowman done, that I finished up the gold star I was working on and, with great jubulation! started beading on Sus's Garcia bear.