Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The new wings arrived so I gave the evening to the angels. Made a whole tray full of these until I ran out of stars. Maybe I should back up and explain. Last summer when Bill Elmore came to me asking if I would bead limpets so he could glue them to beach rocks. His plan was to do this so kids, and parents, would find these little treasures and have the surprise and fun we used have when we found a penny on the sidewalk. I got the idea of making these angels to be tossed overboard into the sea. When I found out much plastic junk is already floating out there, I changed the plan to plant these in open places on land. Sus at Gualala Arts Center did a whole bagful for summer school and Art in the Redwoods. Recently I sent some to Caran in La Jolla. She was so delighted, and eager to place them with the help of her girl friends. Then she got the idea of making her own gift in a little box. I think we could call this the World Crackerjack Box Project. We are treating our everyday environments like the Crackerjack boxes with the little prize. The plastic boxes are about 1 x 2 inches and just deep enough to hold a teardrop pearl angel.