Saturday, November 10, 2012

I hope the judges at Fire Mountain see this as "interesting' and not as an example of bad beading. At least the piece looks less raggedy with the holes filled. Ran out of room with the word 'snow man' and ended up with the phonic version. The little pile of snow by the snowman circle is a marker so they get the snow man turned correctly. On his base are two little snow piles that 'key in' to position it absolutely. Repaired the torn off mitten (what ever did the folks at the gallery do to this?) and got the wand to keep its crystal on straight (more glue and a needled down the center) and now need to pack it all up so it goes out on Monday. It has to be in Oregon by Nov. 20th.
Last night I returned to making stars. Vicki wrote that they may want some for the tree for the Festival of Trees. The animals call to me and at any moment there are going to be flying beads as I toss the star-making tray into the air and liberate myself.
Have gotten a couple e-mails from persons doing them from the instructions in Bead & Button. So far I think the instructions are correct. Not everyone can read!