Saturday, November 24, 2012

After doing the long rows across the back of the Garcia bear, the arm went so fast that I was as done  as I could be (I need to see the guitar to see how to finish the elbow) and I had not yet thought of what to do next. I have no idea why I picked this one. He is called Birdie Bear and on the chest was an ugly cartoon bird on a bit of plastic that was sewed down. On the clown bear I worked around it but here it seemed just too ugly to remain. So into the bag it went with the tush and ear tag. I am thinking of either beading in a bird on the spot or attaching a small bird made of glass or stone. I do not understand the significance of the muffler but it is sewn in securely so I will keep it. I doubt my pink beads will repeat the hotness of this pink. We will see.
On a whim, I weighed an unbeaded bear and the Garcia bear. Unbeaded a bear weighed 5 ounces. Beads add exactly another five ounces.